Moodle announcements has a new look for 2009!

Martin Dougiamas has a new look for 2009!
It's been some years since had a facelift but today I finally switched over to our new "Moodle2" theme.

It's far from perfect yet, but it's usable and we hope you like it better than the old theme.

Some of the things still being worked on over the next couple of weeks are:
  • better artwork for the front page and the other top-level content
  • creating versions of the same theme and menus on Moodle Docs and Moodle Tracker
  • adding a few more things to the menus
  • translating all the top level pages and menus into every language we support (the texts will be included in all standard language packs)
  • fixing a few small accessibility issues
  • any other suggestions you come up with (MDLSITE-132)

Thanks to Helen and Julian and many others for their help and suggestions with the theme and menus, and especially Urs who came up with most of the new "look" and code. Cheers guys.