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Using Google Docs with Moodle

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Using Google Docs with Moodle
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Hi folks, I've put together a few tutorials on how to use GoogleDocs with Moodle, including how to load a PowerPoint file (Google Docs provides a decent way to convert Powerpoint into a plug-in free format) and how to build and place put a Google Form into your Moodle course. Hopefully they are helpfulsmile

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Art Lader
Re: Using Google Docs with Moodle
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Super, Michael. Really good stuff. smile

-- Art
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Julian Ridden
Re: Using Google Docs with Moodle
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That is some great info Michael. Thanks.

Wish I could rate your post.
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Re: Using Google Docs with Moodle
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Hi Michael,

Your tutorials look really helpful - thanks a lot! approve Any chance you could add them to Moodle Docs? wink (I've just added links to them in the file or website link documentation.)
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Re: Using Google Docs with Moodle
Hi, I found this information very helpful, but I am looking for a way to integrate Google Docs and Moodle from the student end of things. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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Re: Using Google Docs with Moodle
I am guessing the virtual class has been quiet for a while.

I am experimenting with cut+paste shortcuts for my fellow students (in counseling psychology in Canada--I am in the US).

Google docs and "office" is not a be-all to end-all, not by a longshot, but it is the only system of its type.

My feeling, from experience, is that its creative staff, I believe "Writely Inc," is so consumed by its desire to mimic Microsoft Office that it does not have resources to concentrate on the Web aspects, and often falls short of the mark.

An example being that they had to withdraw the offline/disk-only service, which I thought, as a techie, was a no-brainer to engineer and implement with the "gears" local webserver.

This is a cut and paste directly from a wikimedia page to google docs to this editor.


5 divisions from top to bottom:

  • telenephalon
  • diencephalon
  • mesencephalon
  • metencephalon
  • myenlencephalon (medulla)

spinal cord is beneath myenlencephalon

From 3 sections:

  • forebrain, telenephalon and diencephalon
  • midbrain, mesencephalon
  • hindbrain, metencephalon and myenlencephalon


  • tracts for signals between brain and body
  • also called medulla

rectiliniar formation

  • network of 100 tiny nuclei within central core of brain stem


  • posterior boundary of myelencephalon (bottom of medulla)
  • anterior boundary of mesencephalon (top of midbrain)

rectiliniar activation system:

  • sleep
  • attention
  • movement
  • muscle tone maintenance
  • heart beat
  • circulation
  • respiratory reflexes


thalamus and hypothalmus


  • 2 lobes joined by massa intermedia
  • top of brainstem
  • on top of third ventricle
  • pairs of nuclei that project to cortex (most)
  • sensory relay nuclei (many)
    • receive signals from sensory receptors
    • process signals
    • transmit to specific areas of sensory cortex

lateral geniculate nuclei visual sensory relay nuclei


  • below (hypo) thalamus
  • regulation of motivated behaviors
    • regulates release of hormones from pituitary gland (attached below/front)

attached structures:

  • pituitary gland
  • optic chasm
    • decussate or contralateral (cross over to other side)
    • ipsilateral (staying on same side)
  • mammilary bodies
    • behind pituitary


  • largest division
  • voluntary movement initiation
  • interprets (processes) sensory movement
  • mediates complex cognitive processes
    • learning
    • speaking
    • problem solving

cerebral cortex

also cortex

  • layer of tissue
  • convoluted, or furrowed
      • increase amount of cerebral cortex from same tissue mass


  • fissures, large furrows
  • singular suclcus, small furrows
  • gyri, ridges between fissures

longitudinal fissure:

  • separates hemispheres
  • largest fissure
  • connections between hemispheres (tracts)
    • cerebral commisures
    • largest, corpus callosum
    • minimal number of tracts

lateral fissure: major horizontal fissure

four lobes divided by horizontal and latteral fissures:

  • frontal
  • parietal
  • temporal
  • occipital

major gyri:

  • precentral, contain motor cortex
  • postcentral, somatosensory cortex (body sensation)
  • superior temporal gyri, auditory cortex


  • 6-layered cortex
  • 90% of cortex
  • evolutionary recent
  • numbered I through VI

two types of neurons:


  • multipolar
  • large
  • apex runs to surface of cortex
  • long axon


  • interneurons
  • star-shaped
  • small with short or no axon

non-neo cortex

  • fewer layers
  • hippocampus
    • memory
    • medial edge of cerebral cortex
    • curves back on itself in medial temporal lobe
  • cingulate cortex

limbic system

circuit of mid-line structures in brain

motivated behaviors

  • fleeing
  • feeding
  • fighting
  • sex


  • hippocampus
  • cingulate cortex


  • mamillary bodies
  • amygdala
  • fornix
  • septum

basal ganglia

  • voluntary movement
  • sub-cortial structures


  • amygdala
  • caudate (circle)
  • putamen (within circle, straitum with caudate)
  • globus pallidus

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Re: Using Google Docs with Moodle

I have a similar question: Does this allow the interactive use of Google Docs, i.e. two people working on the same document at the same time, while still within Moodle?

Also, does this allow sharing of Google spreadsheets?

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