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Resubmission of a single document
I had a student who needed to resubmit his/her document and the program will not allow the student even with the window open for submitting documents.  I deleted the previous document, but it won't delete the account of the submission.  I have Moodle 1.91.  Thanks.
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Re: Resubmission of a single document
Group Developers
If the assignment is the Advanced uploading of files type, then once the student has pressed Send for Marking, he/she cannot resubmit. The teacher can hit the Revert to Draft button on the grading screen to allow the student to resubmit.

If you're using the Upload a single file type, there is an Allow resubmitting setting on the update assignment screen. If this is set to yes, the student should be able to resubmit.
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