Authorize.net: recommend changing "ok" to "data entered"

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Authorize.net: recommend changing "ok" to "data entered"
After the login id, transaction key, and password, once you enter data into those fields and save it, a green "ok" appears.

I assumed that the green "OK" meant that it had verified that the api login and enrollment key that was entered correctly and verified by authorize.net. This is not the case.

Looking at the code, the "OK" message is shown when anything is entered into those fields. Thus, I recommend changing it to indicate that data has been entered into the field instead of implying some validation is being done. "data entered" is a more accurate representation of what is happening. The user can actually do this from the "language editing" section of the admin menu.

Cheers to Ethem Evlice for making this module!

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Ynt: Authorize.net: recommend changing "ok" to "data entered"

Ok, "data entered" is good idea. I will add new translation ASAP.

Have good day.
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