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Techsmith's Camtasia vs. Adobe Captivate vs. ???

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I doubt there is any advantage actually. The idea of SCORM, for me, is to create an interactive quiz, or tool, or even something to click on while waiting for it to tell you you have it wrong. You can achieve a similar, but static, thing with a Quiz. I understand there are a number of other tools that can be used without creating a SCORM, now. Some tools allow you to develop video based activities, or similar. I have just completed two certification courses, one by my employer and the other by Red Cross, largely interactive, in terms of step by step responses and immediate grading, ongoing and adaptive commentary, screen object manipulation, and a lot of other stuff way out of my skill range. No idea how they are made, but I would think it likely Captivate was used.  

PowerPoint is largely static, and actually boring as most users never seem to use it adequately, but largely passive. I only use it now to display step by step explanations of quadratics, trig, trig identities, and similar, rather than use a white board and marker. (Not imaginative, I know, but less messy..) To me, this is the opposite of what a SCORM package should be doing. So, having time to consider this, I do not think that using PowerPoint to SCORM is of any real value.   

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