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Welcome to Moodle!

Martin Dougiamas
Welcome to Moodle!
Well, at last, is running Moodle. There's still a big TODO list, but it's definitely gotten to the point where it's useful enough to run a site like this one.

There's a lot of construction still going on, so mind your head!
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Re: Welcome to Moodle!

will you have an alpha copy available before christmas, for me to experiment with?

Martin Dougiamas
Re: Welcome to Moodle!
Absolutely before Christmas, yes. smile

Probably this week.
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Re: Welcome to Moodle!
Hi Martin,

Congratulations on what I've seen so far. Clear logical design. Can't wait to play with the design elements. Would be happy to provide feedback about usability if that was something you were interested in.


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Re: Welcome to Moodle!

I like how moodle look like.

But I have a mistake registering my name

And now I dont know how to change it
My Name is Jose Luis not Jose Lui
Could a new item of to do list?