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Assignment Type: Peer Review

Peer Review Assignment Type
Type: Assignment Type
Requires: Moodle 1.9
Status: Contributed
Maintainer(s): Michael de Raadt


"Peer Assessment made Simple"

  • The Peer Review Assignment Type allows students to submit documents then review the work of other students.
  • It can be used in classes of 5 or more (usually large classes) and can be used to streamline a series of assignments in a course.
  • It manages the relationships between students without teacher intervention, but with teacher oversight through moderation.
  1. Features
  2. Benefits of Peer Review Assignments
  3. How It Works
  4. Installation
  5. Screenshots and Other Details


Compared to other Peer Review systems, this system allows...

  • Single deadline
    • Single step submit-review
    • Working ahead / falling behind
  • Online text or submitted document
  • Review metrics and analysis
  • Reusable instructor comments
  • Tracking moderations
  • Flagging bad reviews
  • Simple, objective binary criteria

Benefits for Students and Teachers

  • Evaluation (higher order thinking)
  • Student involvement in the assessment process
  • More feedback
  • Learning community
  • Streamlined marking process and reduce marking load

How It Works

The module creates a process for teachers and students as follows.

Teacher Student
  1. Create assignment instructions
  2. Set review criteria

Beginning of Course
  1. Monitor student activity
  1. Create document
  2. Submit document
  3. Conduct reviews x 2*
  4. Receive peer feedback*
Assignment Deadline
  1. Moderate reviews
  2. Release marks
  1. Receive instructor feedback
  2. Receive mark

Each student submits a document, reviews the documents of two peers, then receives two or more feedback reviews.


*The instructor may choose not to moderate a submission if peer reviews are in consensus.

Single Deadline

Single deadline

Review allocation is achieved by collecting an initial pool of four early submitters then allocating backwards as more submitters come.

This way early submitters get feedback sooner and late submitters (eg., students with extensions) can submit after the deadline by joining the end of the queue.

This simplification means that students can only submit once. But apart from that this process is far easier to manage for teachers and far simpler to understand for students.


To install an assignment type...

  1. Unzip the files to /mod/assignment/type/peerreview
  2. Visit the notifications page and the module will install.

Versions before Moodle 1.9.7

If you are using Moodle version 1.9.6 or earlier, there is a problem with language files for assignment types (MDL-16796) that you will need to resolve manually. This involves patching the mod/assignment/lib.php file so the assignment module will look for the assignment type title in the appropriate language file.

Alternately, you can add the following line to the /mod/lang/en_utf8/assignment.php file (and equivalent language files for other languages).

$string['typepeerreview'] = 'Peer Review';

In either case, in order to allow the module to install, you will need to lower the minimum version number for the Peer Review Assignment Type (in /mod/assignment/type/peerreview/version.php) to be the same as your Moodle version number (in /version.php).

There are no guarantees this will work for versions before Moodle 1.9.5.

Testing the Module

In order to test the module, you need to simulate a series of submissions and reviews. Set up six or more dummy accounts, each with your email address; set up a Peer Review assignment; login as each dummy student and submit; you will have to login a second time after the initial pooling to review. After the fifth submission, students can submit and review in immediate succession. Logout and login again as the teacher or administrator. You will be able to test the moderation and grading facilities and see the effect of these actions.

Screenshots and Other Details

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If you have a feature request, please email deraadt@usq.edu.au.

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