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Name: moodle-local_testanalytics
Source Control URL: https://github.com/dmonllao/moodle-local_testanalytics

Different analytics API components to test internal APIs

by David Monllao

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Name: moodle-local_testmoodlemootanalytics
Source Control URL: https://github.com/tobiasreischmann/moodle-local_testmoodlemootanalytics

Local plugin which was created at the MoodleMoot 2018 in Germany as part of a spontaneous DevCamp about the new Moodle Analytics API.

The created target selects all courses, which consists of only resource modules and a forum.

Thanks to Elizabeth Dalton and Luca Bösch for this spontaneous DevCamp and the collaboration.

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Name: Students at risk of missing assignment due dates
Source Control URL: https://github.com/dmonllao/moodle-local_latesubmissions

This Moodle plugin adds a new predictive model to identify students that are likely to miss assignment due dates. The model automatically generates insights for teachers about these students.

This prediction model does not work for the following assignment activities:

  • Assignments in courses without a start date
  • Assignments without a due date
  • Assignments that are hidden to students
  • Not yet started assignments
  • Team submission assignments
  • Assignments whose due date are more than one year after the course start date
  • Assignments whose due date are less than four days since the course start date

The plugin uses Moodle core's analytics API as a base.

This plugin can also serve as a base for other predictive models as it includes:

  • 21 new indicators working at different levels: course, user, user enrolment, course module... 
  • A new time-splitting method: Two days before the end date
  • A by-activity abstract analyser and a assignment submissions analyser
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