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Project: A series of addons,plugins, and business enhancements for Moodle

For this project, we would like to build out a series of plugins and addons for Moodle that are specific to the business community. We have built out some already, and would like to expand this further. Some of the ones we would like to do:

  • Unique theme that allows for a single system rather than using multiple software packages (ie, running Joomla, Wordpress, or Drupal) We also want this theme to be versatile to allow for more unique look and feel while retaining a single system.
  • Enhanced dashboard system (already built the basics, but need to enhance it.)
  • Integrated shopping cart that uses multiple payment systems. More of store look rather than course catalog.
  • a variety of administrator reports to meet regulations and standards
  • learning paths and recommendation engine
  • summary page for classrooms showing unread forum posts, ungraded assignments, etc.
  • we would like to open a period for comments and recommendations from the Moodle community for additional needed features. 

We anticipate the project taking one year to develop complete functionality, but will begin releasing existing plugins immediately, and additional ones as they are created.

Developer(s): Michael Finney, Joseph Conradt, and any other folks wanting to help

Project status: Requiring funding
Funding goal: 10,000.00
Deadline: October 30, 2013

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