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Project Summary Status Goal Deadline  
Add PDF reporting to Moodle questionnaire plugin Allow Moodle questionnaire plugin's summary and individual reports to be exported in PDF format Requiring funding $7,100 2019年09月12日
How to use Moodle 3.5 The teacher's manual for Moodle 3.5 Requiring funding 7500 2018年10月23日
Moodle integrated Courseshop for Moodle 2 Migration and enhancement and full publication of the Moodle block "courseshop" Requiring funding $6000 2017年01月30日
Essential for 3.0 Upgrade the most popular Moodle addon for 3.0 Completed $750 USD 2016年01月31日
Custom SQL Query Block A block that will allow for custom SQL queries and export of query to FTP. Requiring funding $22,725 2014年06月15日
Dialogue module code review A code review of the Dialogue module for Moodle 2. Requiring funding $6,300 2014年06月15日
Scheduler module code review A code review of the Scheduler module for Moodle 2. Requiring funding $6,300 2014年06月15日
Timestat Block Upgraded to Moodle 2.5/2.6 Raising funds for the redevelopment of this popular block Completed $1200 USD 2014年02月12日
A series of addons,plugins, and business enhancements for Moodle We would like to create a series of plugins specifically designed for Moodle around the business community Requiring funding 10,000.00 2013年10月30日
Grid course format size and style improvements To add the ability to change image container size and style. Completed $530 2013年10月30日