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Moodle 1.9 Course Creator Reference Manual

by Ray Lawrence

Release date: May 1, 2009
Publisher: HowToMoodle

Added to this database by Michael Blake - Tuesday, March 31, 2009, 10:13 AM
Last updated - Tuesday, November 26, 2013, 7:49 PM

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Moodle is an extensive, fully featured application and this manual aims to be a useful reference resource for those using Moodle who need to understand its options in detail.

The focus of the HowToMoodle Course Creator Reference Manual is on course based Moodle functionality and is likely to be of greatest interest to those who fulfil a teacher, tutor, trainer, instructor, facilitator or course designer role.

This manual covers:

Course settings, the course page including popular blocks.

Resources: Label, text page, web page, display a directory, link to file or website.

Course files management, back up, restore, import and course reset.

Activity modules: Assignment advanced uploading of files, upload a single file, online text, offline activity), chat, choice, forum, database, glossary, lesson, quiz, wiki.

Question bank: Categories, import, export. Question types; multiple choice, short answer, true/false, matching, numerical, calculated, embedded answer (Cloze), essay.

Managing people: Roles, overriding permissions, messaging, notes, groups, groupings.


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