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Managing the Moodle 2.5 School

by Richard Jones

Release date: May 10, 2013
Publisher: Richard Jones

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Bringing a Learning Management System into a school (ought to) imply changes in classroom practice, teacher organisation and, perhaps, administrative practices.

The book gives some theoretical background about the need for this change and relates the discussion to the usefulness of Moodle in achieving it.

This book will outline tried and tested strategies for implementing Moodle, consideration of the options that can be included and strategies for professional development of staff.

In addition the book will also survey the major options that administrators will be faced with when they first install Moodle. We will also touch on the Mahara ePortfolio at times, however, a full discussion of the combination – Mahoodle – is outside the scope of this book. Mahara can easily be installed at the same time as Moodle.

The book will also cover elements of style as they relate to the building of a Moodle course and cover the reporting options – probably an underused but very useful feature of Moodle.

Finally some other uses of Moodle in the school will be mentioned briefly.

This is not a detailed, step by step “How to” book about installing Moodle or how to set up activities, load resources and so on – there is plenty of help for that already on the web and elsewhere. It is more of a “Why to” book, explaining the options and describing what worked for us at The Southport School.