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Job offered: Learning Management System Consultant

Type: Contract
Location: United States / Telecommute

Eurasia Foundation is seeking a Learning Management System (LMS) consultant to provide Eurasia Foundation (EF) with Moodle LMS support services. The Consultant will be responsible for assisting EF with managing a number of Moodle LMS instances operated by EF. 


  • Increased reliability, user satisfaction, and course completion rates. A sustainable, working, and easy-to-use LMS will enhance user satisfaction and will lead to higher course completion rates.  
  • Increased productivity. Increase user and course management efficiency. EF staff will make better use of their time when conducting courses and managing users.    
  • Branding and credibility. Enhance our credibility in the eyes of our audience.  
  • Secure and stable technology platform.


  • Baseline assessment of program-specific learning objectives and participant training needs and the Moodle LMS instances in use;  
  • Provide recommendations for improvements, including security enhancements; 
  • With EF team, define LMS maintenance and upgrade plan; 
  • Perform LMS application maintenance according to the approved plan;  
  • Perform system configuration changes and optimization; 
  • Implement new themes, features and perform integration with 3rd party services as needed;  
  • Monitor LMS availability, performance, and security features;  
  • Keep training platform systems up to date. Work with EF cloud hosting maintenance provider to perform required software updates as verified updates become available;  
  • Troubleshoot system errors;  
  • Provide support for LMS and related software issues to EF staff;  
  • Provide training to EF staff on the platform administration and course design and facilitation using the platform as needed;  
  • Modify LMS configuration, themes, and code as needed.  


The chosen Consultant must be a firm or an individual that has experience managing Moodle LMS platforms (including for the non-profit sector) and utilizes best practices regarding: 

  • Learning experience design;  
  • Systems architecture;   
  • System integration;  
  • Configuration management; 
  • User experience and usability testing;  
  • Responsive design;  
  • Moodle LMS and web server security configuration and management; 
  • Moodle development; 
  • Productivity improvement and cost efficiency advisory; 
  • Helpdesk support.  

Contribution to open-source projects is a plus.  


The selection process is open and competitive, and participants will be selected based on the criteria outlined below. Clarity and suitability of the applicant’s approach, including:   

  • Past performance: relevance of the applicant’s expertise, engagement with Moodle community, and strength of customer references;  
  • Technical Approach: Maintenance plan and technological solutions for information and configuration management, maintenance, security, and support;  
  • Relevant experience with Moodle and LMS use in similar contexts and scale; 
  • Cost: Total costs outlined (a one-year estimate), as well as a percentage breakdown of component tasks.   

Interested individuals and organizations are invited to send proposals to  with “LMS Support” in the subject line no later than April 26, 2020, at 17:00 Washington, DC (UTC).

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