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Job offered: IT professional

Type: Full-time
Location: United States

MLC is looking for an experienced IT professional to work with both our on premise and managed clients. The position is

  • Full-time

  • Remote but must be North American Based

  • Full benefits package

  • Available immediately

If you have the correct qualifications and immediate availability we will also entertain applications for freelance and or part time work.

Experience Qualifications:

  • Linux / LAMP Skills 3+ years of experience

    • Competence using ssh and shell command line commands/tools

    • Highly experienced with Linux/LAMP stack configuration and performance tuning

    • MySQL and Postgres operational experience

    • Scaling experience in 150,000+ user / 5,000+ concurrent user range; millions plus better

    • Experienced with clustered systems

  • 3-5 years managing Moodle Servers and Sites

    • Configuring Moodle

    • Upgrading Moodle

    • Experience understanding integrations such as SSOs and Identity providers esp OAuth, SAML, and LDAP

    • Managing Moodle code and plugins

    • Competent using git to install applications

    • Can manage Moodle upgrades and plugins

    • Can efficiently move a Moodle site from one server to another

  • Alt to Moodle Experience

    • Similar PHP Apps

      • Drupal

      • Wordpress

      • Other open source N-Tier PHP apps with plugin ecosystem

      • Managing, installing upgradingScaling / tuning

      • Strong written and spoken communication skills

      • Ability to work directly with client's IT staff

      • Requires fluent English

Entry added by Maggie Bennett - Friday, December 18, 2020, 3:02 AM
Last updated - Friday, December 18, 2020, 3:02 AM