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Job offered: Moodle Developer / Contributor

Type: Contract
Location: Telecommute

Contractor needed to add the Moodle File Picker to the Quiz Essay manual grading (commenting) editor.

We are a Catholic marriage preparation course provider and plan to use Moodle to deliver our courses for many, many years.

We ran into an issue with Moodle’s File Picker NOT available for use in certain editing situations.

We need the File Picker for Quiz grading. Specifically for manually grading Essay questions within a Quiz when using the “comment” editor.

We want to use the Word File Import plugin (only works with Atto) in the editor. Without the File Picker capability seen in other Moodle editing contexts, we cannot import a .docx file into the editor window. We also cannot insert an image from a local folder/repository, and can only enter a URL.

We have dozens of answer templates/responses to be picked by teachers and auto-embedded in the grading/comment box using the Word File Import plugin.

With the File Picker, we believe we can also restrict certain files to certain teachers through folder access control and repositories.

We posted the file picker issue on the Moodle Forum:

and provided additional comments on the Moodle Tracker for this issue that had already been reported:

Allow teachers to embed files when manually grading questions”

Please see above for Tim Hunt’s comments on code commits which solved a similar problem a few years ago.

His code commits are found below, giving a feel for scope:

While we are not a live production site yet, we have a big investment already in configuring Moodle and getting our first of many courses into an existing Moodle development instance. This feature being one of our key final steps.

In any case we are stalled on this problem and need someone to resolve it.

Our first preference is for someone who is familiar with the Moodle release process, and is familiar with automated testing.

If possible, we would like a contractor to work with one of the contributors at Moodle, or can demonstrate previous work with the Moodle architecture.

Other development and customization approaches may be considered if closing MDL-41090 is not feasible within a reasonable time-frame.

We are prepared to pay to get this functionality.

This will be done on a short-term contract basis, with a fixed scope of work on this issue. There is potential for future work if we need it at other roadblocks.

We are looking for someone in the USA, Canada, or Australia, so please do not respond if you are an international firm or individual located in other countries. Must be fluent in English.  Able to work remotely.

Thank you for your consideration, and we look forward to hearing from you.

Moses Nelson

Entry added by Moses Nelson - Tuesday, 12 September 2017, 1:45 AM
Last updated - Tuesday, 12 September 2017, 1:45 AM
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