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Job offered: Contract position: Moodle developer / administrator

Type: Contract
Location: Remote


Teen Lyfe is an online sexual health education course that employs a variety of strategies to teach high school students about sexual health, provide tools for them to make healthy choices and change their behavior, and help students track and monitor their progress. Teen Lyfe is designed to be delivered during the regular school day and contains the following interactive components:

●      Written lessons

●      Animated videos

●      Reflections questions (“This is real life!”)

●      News stories

●      Interactive activities such as a simulated online chat interface

●      Online quizzes, surveys, and data collection


Teen Lyfe is currently delivered using the Moodle learning management system and is hosted on Amazon Web Services EC2. Teen Lyfe was pilot tested with ninth graders at two public high schools in Eastern North Carolina in Spring 2016 and, in response to user feedback and in anticipation of a larger pilot test later in the Fall 2016, the team is outsourcing platform improvement and maintenance services to a vendor with prior experience with Moodle platform development. These improvements will increase ease of content modification and data collection for the course creators, allow for scaling of the platform to reach more students, improve the user experience for students and teachers, and ensure successful implementation of further pilots. 

Selection Process

If you are interested in completing this scope of work, please send an email with the following items to Liz, Cristina, and Vichi at myhealthed [at] gmail [dot] com by Friday, October 28, 2016:

1.     Portfolio with a sample of your related work;

2.     A reference (phone number and email address) for a supervisor of a recent and relevant project;

3.     Your availability for a 30-minute phone/Skype interview the week of October 31, 2016.

Scope of Work

The scope of work for the platform improvement and maintenance project includes all execution, implementation, validation, and support of new features on the course platform as specified by Teen Lyfe staff for the duration of the contract. The selected vendor will be responsible for implementing feature requests as detailed in the initial kickoff described in the Work Requirements section of this SOW and making modifications in response to feedback from Teen Lyfe staff and from users throughout the duration of the contract. Additionally, the vendor will provide ongoing technical support for new and existing features of the course platform directly to users of the course during specified hours and administer user accounts on the platform. The selected vendor must validate functionality of any new features and provide adequate documentation of work. Each stage of the project will require approval from Teen Lyfe staff before moving on to the next stage.

Period of Performance

All work must be completed by November 28, 2016. Any modifications or extensions will be requested through Teen Lyfe for review and discussion.



Place of Performance

The selected vendor for the project will perform all work at its own facility, with periodic virtual meetings between vendor and Teen Lyfe staff. 

Work Requirements

As part of the project the vendor will be responsible for performing tasks throughout various stages of this project. The following is a list of these tasks which will result in the successful completion of this project:


·       Vendor and Teen Lyfe staff will meet to discuss current status of platform, feature requests, and expected deliverables

·       Vendor will present any requests for information and additional resources to Teen Lyfe staff


Current feature requests:

·       Migration of complete course and platform to new AWS server

·       Platform and server optimizations to minimize excess storage usage and maximize long-term performance for a large and growing set of users

·       Teacher user group that has the ability to create a class and input rosters (add student users) through the online interface so that students can participate in the course without going through the Teen Lyfe staff/administrators

o   Anyone in the world can sign up as either a teacher or student and access all permissions given to that role without validation. Only teachers can create classes and add students to the class.

o   Students should be able to sign up without a teacher or class.

·       If a teacher wants the solutions to activities, an interface for them to make that request and provide credentials for Teen Lyfe staff to verify that they are an educator (can be via email).

·       Teacher gradebook interface where they can see certain data about student progress for each student in their class:

o   # of logins

o   Time spent per session

o   Last login

o   Lesson progress (%)

o   Activities complete

o   % of correct responses

o   Which questions they answered correctly and incorrectly (but not the correct answer)

·       Student gradebook/progress interface to view their own:

o   # of logins

o   Time spent per session

o   Last login

o   Lesson progress (%)

o   Activities complete

o   % of correct responses

o   Which questions they answered correctly and incorrectly (but not the correct answer)

·       Administrator summary data interface where, for each class, Teen Lyfe staff can see:

o   # of users by role

o   # of classes

o   # of students per class

o   Average time per lesson

o   Average time per activity

o   # of logins per user

o   Frequency/time of logins

o   Avg. percentage correct for each activity

o   Summary data for each question - % correct, frequency of each answer choice

·       Improved text-to-speech function

·       Automated email interface for teachers to enable/disable that will contact students who are behind on progress or inactive. Teachers should be able to customize message text, frequency.

·       Q&A interface for users to submit questions to Teen Lyfe staff. Teen Lyfe staff should be able to enable/disable this feature at any time for all users.

·       Interface for admin-level users (Teen Lyfe staff) to specify custom feedback when students answer quiz questions incorrectly

·       Option for auto-grading of essay questions based on completion


Design Phase:

·       Work with Teen Lyfe staff to finalize requirements and establish metrics

·       Create plan for implementing features based on collected requirements

·       Present written status at meetings

 Build Phase:

·       Vendor will complete all development for approved features

·       Vendor will provide Teen Lyfe with a detailed testing plan

·       Vendor will incorporate all features into existing Teen Lyfe course

·       Vendor will conduct testing in both their individual environment as well as in a limited beta release; vendor will resolve any coding and site issues identified in testing

·       Vendor will compile a testing report to present to Teen Lyfe for review/approval

·       Present written status at weekly meetings

 Documentation Phase:

·       Vendor will create documentation for all implementation work completed

·       Present written status at weekly meetings

 Project Handoff/Closure:

·       Vendor will provide Teen Lyfe with all documentation in accordance with the approved project plan

·       Vendor will present project closure report to Teen Lyfe for review and approval

·       Vendor will complete the project requirements checklist showing that all project tasks have been completed

·       Present written status at weekly meetings



 The below list consists of the initial milestones identified for the project:


RFP/SOW Release                                                                                  October 26, 2016

Vendor Selection                                                                                   November 4, 2016

Period of Performance Begins                                                           November 7, 2016

Kickoff meeting                                                                                     November 7, 2016

Design and Build Phases Complete                                                November 23, 2016

Documentation Complete                                                               November 28, 2016

Project Completion Review                                                               November 28, 2016

Project Closure/Archives Complete                                                  November 28, 2016

Acceptance Criteria

The acceptance of all deliverables will reside with Teen Lyfe’s research team composed of Liz Chen, Cristina Leos, and Vichi Jagannathan. Once a project phase is completed and the vendor provides their report/presentation for review and approval, the executive team will either sign off on the approval for the next phase to begin, or reply to the vendor, in writing, advising what tasks must still be accomplished.

 Once all project tasks have been completed, the project will enter the handoff/closure stage. During this stage of the project, the vendor will provide their project closure report and project task checklist to Teen Lyfe’s research team. The acceptance of this documentation will acknowledge acceptance of all project deliverables and that the vendor has met all assigned tasks.

 Any discrepancies involving completion of project tasks or disagreement between Teen Lyfe and the chosen vendor will be referred to both organizations’ contracting offices for review and discussion.



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