Job offered: LMS / VLE Website customisation Request

Type: Contract
Location: irrelevant

An existing website, was done on Chamilo and now, we want to have it re-developed on Moodle with these requirements:

• Moodle's full features are enabled, to justify the re-developing of the website on the Moodle platform.

• As usual, there will be lessons with LMS / VLE / e-Learning contents using video, audio, slides, png / jpg files, PDF, DOCX, etc (none of which should be downloadable).

• The number of users have not been determined, so, you could recommend.

• The Text Editors should allow full RTF and include insertions of relevant symbols.



• There will be Courses.

• Each Course has an Instructor.

• Each Course has one or several Subjects.

• Each Subject can be set to have a Teacher who is different from the Course Instructor.

• Each Course and Subject has an Intro page, with mini learning contents (using montages, audio clips, etc) from the actual ones.

• Each Subject uses the conventional e-Learning contents, including videos, audio, slides, etc.



• There will be exams that have to be paid for by student.

• There will be a Pool of Sets of Test Questions (e.g. Test Set 1, Test Set 2, etc).

• There will be a Pool of Sets of Examinations Questions (e.g. Exam Set 1, Exam Set 2, etc).

• Questions within any set of Tests and, or Exams can be set to be at RANDOM or SEQUENTIALLY (and other relevant options).

•Admin can set that the LMS / VLE can pick the actual Set of Test and, or Exam Questions RANDOMLY from the pool, or as LISTED.

• The pass mark is specified by Admin. Each successful student is will be issued a customised digital certificate.

• Admin can set that failed exams can be re-taken free, or at a specified, discounted fee or at the original fee.

• Admin can set whether Tests can be taken based on these Access types: NONE (i.e. No test available); PERPETUAL (can continue taking different Sets of Tests unhindered); STATED (Student can take only the number of a set of Tests the Admin has specified, e.g. 1, 2, 3 or more Sets of Tests).


• Registered students can only access the demos of each Course and Subject.

• Access to each Course (with its associated subject is via the Access Type by Admin for specific or Group of Students.

• Access Types are: FREE (perpetual), TIMED for a specified duration (in days and, or Time) OR PAID Subscription (Admin specifies the Course fee which has to be paid using any of the e-Payment options).

• When Timed or Paid Access expires, students can renew via any of the e-Payment options (or Admin can still change the Access type).



• There will be a store to purchase physical products (which will be shipped), therefore, this will redirect to an installed and activated e-Payment processor site, just like e-Commerce websites do;

• Another Store has audio, video and or document files which can be downloaded only after being purchased using any of the installed and activated e-Payment options.



• The LMS should have inbuilt and further customisable layouts, colour mixes, fonts, styles, themes, etc.


Sir, for us to make faster progress, kindly answer the following:

1). Can your team develop this LMS website? If so, how long (we are behind schedule)?

2). What similar or better LMS have you done. Could you give us full login details to test such?

3). What can you not handle on those stated requirements and what are the viable / feasible alternative(s)?

4). Beyond the stated requirements, what more can you handle / provide?

5). At what cost and options?

6). What is the cost of optional hosting?

7). What other information do we need to know?

Entry added by Fletcher James A. - 2 Apr 2016
Last updated - 2 Apr 2016