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Job offered: Instructional Designer - E-Learning

Type: Full-time
Location: Atlanta, GA (Buckhead Area)

A major Metro Atlanta organization is implementing large scale capital improvements and system upgrades which will result in significant changes to processes and job responsibilities. Our firm is asked to develop and deliver an integrated training plan using both traditional classroom and e-learning formats.

Scope of Position

  • Work with team to implement a comprehensive training plan for employees for new equipment and tasks related to system upgrades
  • Lead development of e-learning content using the ADDIE instructional design model and interacting with various Subject Matter Experts and existing technical manuals
  • Integrate e-learning content with the organization’s existing Moodle platform
  • Communicate progress and manage critical project deadlines

 Essential Functions

  • Assist with development of overall learning objectives by job title and department
  • Determine with team which learning objectives are best met through e-learning content
  • Develop e-learning content as pre-requisites for classroom course, content designed for “stand alone” learning, and content designed as “refreshers” after classroom courses
  • Implement the ADDIE instructional design model
  • Work with Moodle LMS
  • Integrate various types of content (video, animation, web, etc) to best meet learning objectives
  • Work with MARTA and subject matter experts to revise content
  • Integrate assessment items into e-learning content
  • Integrate assessment items from classroom courses into Moodle LMS


Possible Additional Functions

  • Develop and/or improve a Moodle theme

 Education and Experience Requirements

  • Experience in training, education or career development
  • Strong experience with Moodle and developing technically oriented e-learning content using a variety of software and web development tools
  • Experience in a team-oriented training development environment

Entry added by Brian Lester - Friday, 15 March 2013, 1:08 AM
Last updated - Friday, 15 March 2013, 1:08 AM