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Job offered: Moodle PHP Developer

Type: Contract
Location: Telecommute

Basically one of my freelancers is sick and won't be able to perform his tasks in the coming week. I need to find someone to replace him for this coming week only (March Monday 24th - Friday 29th).

Work will be paid per hour. Price will be discussed personally.

I've created a custom module similar to the Database Activity and now, I want to create some custom report pages for the activity. I have CSS wireframes and screenshots of the design I need. Here is how it should work:

1)  Teacher goes into the Database Activity. From the database settings block, the teacher can choose 2 types of reports to click on.

2)  Report #1:  Shows an overview of the database activity and entries within (similiar to an activity completion report: Students will be listed on the left column, while database entries will be listed along the top of the report. The center "grid" will show which students have viewed the entry. 

3)  Report #2 is a little difficult to explain here, but essentially it will show a single database entry and a review of how students have interacted with it. 

4)  These reports will be using a grid (like activity completion report) and visual charts (RGraph: to display the data. Only teachers will have access to these reports.


If anyone would like a week-long job to help me develop these, please send me an email at the address below. Thank you.

Entry added by Rachel Fransen - Sunday, 24 March 2013, 4:06 PM
Last updated - Sunday, 24 March 2013, 4:06 PM