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Job offered: I need help with a pretty simple Windows (Azure/Cloud) installation and initializing

Type: Contract
Location: Telecommute or Boston/Cambridge

Hi Gang,

I need support on a deployment of Moodle  TODAY/RIGHT NOW, and I've gotten authorization to put a message out to the community for some support. I am not, at this point, asking for free support. I WILL PAY for the support, and the key thing for me and for the project is SPEED. I am in Boston, and I need eastern time zone support starting immediately (wednesday morning, eastern time zone.

I prefer someone local, but it may not really even matter. Help is help and I just need that, primarily!

Depending on what the conversations feel like, this may be just a few hours - but either way I will pay for your time, and I have been authorized by my company to do that.

The KEY KEY KEY is that I need help tomorrow, hopefully in the form of a phone call, remote sessions etc. I had a Bitnami instance that has been replaced with a multi-teired Azure cloud grouping - consisting of 4 machines (dev, qa, staging, prod) where I only had 1 before. My content is simple - 36 courses all of which are just video embeds (single activity courses, which are 'page' format). The account system is a customized layer we had to build on top of the Moodle API and our account system. Closest thing to which I can compare it, is the external database authentication method in Moodle setup.

I've faced a lot of issues and my deadline is extremely soon. Anybody with interest please email me or PM me here. After contact is made we can jump right to the phone or a webex from there but I need to get this really cranking fast tomorrow. Based on what I've seen in this forum, I think this is going to be super easy for some of you folks. I's not super easy to me.

You can text me at Nine/Seven/Eight



Please text or email me if this is interesting to you. This is for my employer and not something I expect for free! 

Or reply to this thread, email me, or private message me.

Thank you!

Entry added by Point Right - Thursday, April 23, 2015, 8:57 PM
Last updated - Thursday, April 23, 2015, 8:57 PM