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Job offered: CTO/manager for a new Hebrew-grammar instruction site

Type: Contract
Location: Telecommute

We're a non-profit looking to start a new online learning project to help people learn Hebrew grammar. We need someone to manage the project in a part-time, contract capacity, acting as a combination of CTO, lead developer, and project manager.  This is a serious project, and one for which funding has been allocated -- and we would rather do it right than do it quickly.

If you work for a consulting company that could take on this leadership role and also provide the development staff to implement it, then we're very interested in speaking with you.  But we expect that we'll need to split the tasks between a manager and developers.

We are implementing our application in Moodle; it will require some custom development, and also some custom graphic design to make Moodle look and feel the way we want.  We will be integrating video and audio, and the creation of software that will generate test questions.  We will also be using built-in Moodle functionality, such as forums and permissions.

Among the tasks we expect this person to take on are:

  • Taking our project and technical roadmaps, and turn them into deliverable action items (and a schedule) for our software project,
  • Help us to identify, hire, and manage contract developers
  • Help us to identify, hire, and manage a part-time, contract graphic designer
  • Define and assign tasks to those developers
  • Setting schedules and running standups with developers
  • Being in touch via e-mail, Skype, and telephone, with the management of this project
  • Take charge of testing, including user testing and feedback, from initial iterations of the software
  • Identify and recommend a hosting company
  • Discuss and consider new feature ideas (as they occur) with management, identifying which can be incorporated now and in the future
  • Manage testing of features, both from the technical side and from the user's perspective

Expectations and requirements:

  • Experience managing teams developing Web applications, ideally educational projects with Moodle
  • Experience architecting and developing Web applications
  • Experience helping junior developers to implement Web applications
  • Knowledge of Hebrew (and ideally, interest in Hebrew grammar)

We expect that development will mainly happen over the coming months, but that the management will be a part-time position.  Even if development is complete in several months, we'll have long-term needs and requirements, and this may well continue for several years. We have a long-term vision, and are looking for someone to help us implement it. 

Qualified candidates should submit a cover letter and CV to

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