Job offered: Development to enroll students from one course to another

Type: Contract
Location: Remote

We are requiring to develop an interface for moodle 4 that allows enrolling students from a course A to a course B. Example: a Master has 10 courses (Course 1, Course 2, Course)

At the beginning, all the students are enrolled in Course 1, but then they have to be enrolled in each of the successive courses that are opened each month.

Cohorts cannot be used as each course may have fewer students.

I have thought that it could be a block that has the courses that only the administrators and managers can see. And when you click on an enroll button (inside the block) it allows you to select from which source course you want to load the students, then select the students and enroll them.

Skills and Strengths:

  • Moodle
  • PHP
  • JavaScript
  • MySQL 
  • jQuery
  • Web services (SOAP or REST)

Attentive to the economic and time proposal.

Entry added by Pavel Gonzalez - 12 ཟླ་༡༠ 2022
Last updated - 12 ཟླ་༡༠ 2022