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Job offered: eLearning technologist

Type: Contract
Location: Parkville, Melbourne


Orygen Youth Health Research Centre (OYHRC) was established in 2002.

Our Vision is that Young people enjoy optimal mental health as they grow into adulthood.

We aim to reduce the impact of mental ill-health on young people, their families and society by creating, applying, and sharing knowledge, and by informing public policy reform.

OYHRC achieves this through running an extensive program of research studies, managing clinical services for young people, and providing resources and training. 

Our strategic objectives are to:

·achieve changes in public policy and resources that improve access to quality innovative service systems in youth mental health.

·develop evidence for improved understanding of aetiology, interventions, treatments and service systems in youth mental health through the conduct of research.

·translate evidence for improved interventions, treatments and service system scaling-up and innovation in youth mental health through the dissemination of skills and knowledge.

·implement evidence for improved interventions, treatments and service systems in youth mental health through the provision of exemplar clinical services.

Our operating principles and values are:

·Young people: young people have the right to timely access to high quality, evidence-based, age-appropriate and respectful mental health care

·Participation: young people, families, and the community are key partners in improving young people's mental health

·Evidence: policy, practice and services in youth mental health should be informed by the best available evidence of what works

·Innovation: new approaches to prevention and care have enormous potential to improve mental health outcomes for young people

·Optimism: with appropriate supports young people can and do recover from mental ill-health and go on to achieve great things with their lives

·Our people: the quality and commitment of our team is integral to our success


OYHRC has major collaborative partnerships with other research centres, and clinical-research organisations in Australia and around the world. These partnerships allow for the development and conduct of major research studies that will contribute to a better understanding of appropriate interventions and service systems for young people at different stages of mental ill-health.

OYHRC partners with headspace: the National Youth Mental Health Foundation, and OYHRC leads four headspace centres in the northern and western areas of Melbourne.

OYHRC also partners with a specialist regional youth mental health service (Orygen Youth Health Clinical Program (OYHCP) run by Melbourne Health), which operates from the same site as OYHRCs main site at 35 Poplar Road Parkville. OYHCP offers specialist care to over 800 young people with serious mental disorders per annum.

The work of OYHRC over the past decade has had a profound impact on early intervention and youth mental health, leading what could be argued is the most significant change in the mental health field during that time. This work has created a new approach and constructive attitude to the prevention and treatment of mental disorders, and new models of care for young people with emerging disorders. It has been translated into a world-wide shift in services and treatments to include a substantial focus on early intervention in health system approaches to mental disorders.



- full time, casual

The E-learning technologist role is part of the Professional Services Section in Orygen's Skills & Knowledge Division.  The team in Professional Services Section consists of professional staff, including administrators, knowledge workers and technical experts such as instructional designers, e-learning technologists, medical writers and sub-editors.  The Professional Services Section is an internal department of the Skills & Knowledge division that is in the process of being established to provide effective and efficient services for the division. 

·The Skills & Knowledge Division contributes national and international leadership to the development of YMH workforce strategy by providing strategic dialogue fora and facilitating channels for national and international collaboration. 

·Skills and Knowledge supports the implementation of YMH workforce strategy by providing accessible expertise in YMH to services, professional associations, industry bodies, community organisations, businesses, peer workforce and professionals. 

·The division also facilitates an expert community for YMH, providing access to the latest evidence base and to national and international experts, and invests in innovation to address the most pressing and difficult to address problems facing the YMH workforce.

·Current activities of the Skills and Knowledge division, which the Professional Services Section supports, include the National Early Psychosis Prevention and Intervention Centre (EPPIC) Support Program, funded by the Commonwealth Government of Australia, to produce resources for EPPICs in headspace centres across Australia.

·The division delivers graduate qualifications in YMH through the University of Melbourne and a comprehensive range of service and workforce development programs, including the innovative HYPE model of care for BPD currently being implemented here in Victoria and in the Netherlands.



The E-learning technologist is responsible for providing technical support for the development and delivery of online learning.




The E-learning technologist reports to the Coordinator of the Professional Services Section. 


The E-learning Technologist will

1.Test and evaluate Moodle based learning system from the user perspective and make modifications to functionality or design to improve the online learning experience

2.Assist with developing engaging online learning design that will meet online learning objectives

3.Provide advice around online instructional design methodology

4.Assist in resolving e-learning development and delivery issues as they arise

5.Assist with maintenance and functionality of existing Moodle based learning system

6.Test and modify online learning modules for quality control

7.Develop complex documentation as required




The following criteria must be met for consideration for this position:


5.1 Essential


·A youth-friendly, optimistic and professional approach to work and a commitment to achieving positive change in Youth Mental Health.

·A diploma or degree in Computer Science, Information Technology or a related discipline

·A minimum of 2 years experience in Moodle and /or comparable Learning Management System (LMS) administraion

·Capacity to develop effective working relationships, collaborations and partnerships

·Well developed interpersonal and communication skills (written and verbal)


5.2 Desirable

·Skills in instructional/curriculum design




6.1 Level of Supervision/Independence

·The incumbent works under the broad direction of the Director, Skills and Knowledge, providing leadership and expert advice on marketing strategies and other stakeholder engagement activities.

·The incumbent will work closely with clinical, academic and professional staff on product development.

·The incumbent will develop strong interpersonal relationships and networks within Orygen Youth Health Research Centre, as well as with other stakeholders.   Influence, initiative and excellent negotiating skills are required to carry out the responsibilities of the position.

·The incumbent is expected to exercise a high degree of independence in managing the workload and in prioritising tasks, and work with limited supervision. Self-motivation is essential.

6.2 Problem Solving and Judgement/Risk

·Well developed problem solving skills in a complex situation are required as well as the abiity to think critically, research and analyse information in order to recommend and implement appropriate marketing strategies and tools.

·The incumbent requires the ability to exercise good judgement, underpinned by the capacity to conceptualise, develop and review major professional, management or administrative policies at the corporate level.

·Fully responsible for the achievement of significant organisational objectives and programs across the organisation.

·Responsible for significant high level creative, planning and management functions.

6.3 Professional and Organisational Knowledge

·Well developed problem solving skills in a complex situation are required.  So too is the ability to think critically, research and analyse information in order to recommend and implement appropriate marketing strategies and tools. 

·The incumbent also requires the ability to exercise good judgement, underpinned by an appreciation of the Centre's policies, and factors effecting effective communication.

·Generate and use a high level of theoretical and applied knowledge.

·Expected to bring a multi-perspective understanding to the development and implementation of new projects.

6.4 Breadth of the position

·Complex, significant and high level creative planning, program and managerial functions with clear accountability for program performance.

·Conceptualise, develop and review major policies, objectives and strategies involving high level liaison with internal and external client areas.

·Responsible for programs involving major change which are likely to impact on other areas of the organisation's operations.

6.5 Special requirements

·OHSE training is essential and is provided by OYHRC.

·All workplaces are non-smoking environments.

·A current full unrestricted work permit / visa for Australia.

·Any offer of employment is conditional upon receipt and maintenance of a satisfactory Working with Children Check and Police Check.

·You may be required to work across more than one of OYHRC's sites, which are currently located within the north and west of Melbourne.



All OYHRC employees are required to familiarise themselves with the organisation's policies and procedures and to adhere to them at all times.

It is expected that at all times, employees will:

·be respectful towards OYHRC, supervisors and other colleagues, young people engaged in OYHRC  activities and their families, and the general public

·be aware of and work to the objectives of OYHRC

·work collaboratively with all colleagues and external organisations engaged in OYHRC activities

·act in a safe and responsible manner at all times



All staff are required to take reasonable care for their own health and safety and that of other personnel who may be affected by their conduct.

These include general staff responsibilities and those additional responsibilities that apply for Managers and Supervisors and other Personnel.

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