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Job offered: World class creative opportunity for Pro bono Moodle volunteers

Type: Part-time
Location: Telecommute

This is a PRO BONO Opportunity.  Responses from agencies will be ignored. Thanks

About Us

We're an entirely non profit learning resource in film and media, we're fans of Moodle - and are taking an enhanced and deeply content rich Moodle 3.72 to a completely new level in terms of functionality capable of handling a large user-base of 14-24s in the UK - and so are looking to on board instructional design professionals who want a stake in the work they create and the directions they'd like to take.

This is what we do and this is why we do it. We try to provide a 100% Moodle core experience but unlike any other Moodle site you have seen.

About You

We are an entirely non profit resource, all of us are unpaid volunteers, and for the time being that is how you would be happy to work in the short to medium term, but with a national launch later next year that's going to change and so we are looking to start working -right now- with volunteer instructional developers, passionate creatives we can work and develop a relationship through a pro-bono basis as the project expands. 

If you're are strictly a paid-by-the-hour, 9-5 person, that's great, but this role probably isn't for you.  So please no sales pitches please from far-away Moodle companies ignoring that important request in their race to sell their services. We understand, but we'll ignore those message as you've haven't read ours!  If however you're a proven learning content developer looking to start small and develop your skills and have control of the direction of this project, then this is certainly an opportunity to consider.

We're looking for instructional designers that like to push the boundaries creatively and technically with Moodle, mobile, Scorm, Captivate, Articulate, Photoshop and other key learning tools exposure and a proven understanding and experience of responsive, clean design  Your learning design work will involve materials and inputs from film studios, broadcasters, film experts,  the BBC, Sky, Channel 4 and other UK and US creative partners in a learning resource that has some of the most extensive, most professional High Def video masterclass training in film and TV for 14-24s anywhere in the world.

About The Work & Skills

  • Our top priority is a back to middle end Moodle person that understands Moodle plugins, connectivity and is confident with adding additional features like Big Blue and document uploads
  • Experience with AWS Moodle dockets would be hugely advantageous but not essential
  • We need help from a Moodle all rounder especially with very broad server admin experience in Moodle 3X including cohorts and ideally integration issues If you want to know what a current topic looks like click here.
  • Please note this is a pro-bono-to-paid role. If you're looking for big money, rather than big impact from day one, then this probably isn't the role for you right now.

If you'd like to see Learning experiences do things you didn't think possible, and be part of that story - then do reach out. We're also hiring Moodle support techs and Moodle community & marketing managers too.

To find out more do please get in touch using THIS LINK only.

Please note: Again please keep in mind we are NOT looking for partnerships with Agencies or hourly contractors.

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