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Job offered: Theme Designs For Wordpress 3.0.x and Moodle 2.0.x

Type: Contract
Location: Anywhere







FEBRUARY 1, 2011





SBCISD is seeking a consultant to create new web themes using the WordPress 3.0.x and Moodle 2.0.x platforms.  All billable work on this project should be completed by the end of March 2011. The primary goal for the new and sites is to be simple and flexible. We are an organization that is always changing, and we expect our web sites to be able to evolve along with us as we expand, experiment, and learn together.  In this Request for Proposals we outline a number of specific approaches that we think will help us accomplish our mission effectively, but no single feature is as important as the need to keep the site easy to manage and simple to change in the future.


The current web site was created internally more than 10 years ago and is managed by SBCISD's Webmaster and IT Director.  We believe it will be both cost-effective and more efficient to create a new web site based on a robust Content Management System (CMS) rather than attempting to maintain and patch the current static site.

The website is and will continue to be hosted internally on Max OS X and Ubuntu Linux servers. We also have a development server that mirrors this environment with script-driven database syncing from production to development.


We would like to update the web sites' themes to better reflect SBCISD while also greatly simplifying templates for greater future flexibility. Some current visual aspects of the site should remain, such as the SBCISD logo. The design should strongly inform the site's look and feel.  The current SBCISD site uses limited colors and strategic white space to create an atmospheric feeling that evokes technology and the future without being overly literal. Purple and Gold signals our connection to San Benito CISD and its community.

SBCISD is a progressive organization that is becoming increasingly informed by digital culture, but we are also a deeply rooted in the historic world of education, and we support and respect many disciplines. The design of the site should express this identity by balancing modern ideas with a broadly welcoming experience.  Above all, the new themes should serve the site's visitors first by emphasizing usability. A successful design will balance aesthetics that appeal to web site visitors and also make key features clear and easy to use.

The new themes should be created in a way that allows the implementation of child themes to differentiate a number of departments and schools.  The design between the Wordpress theme and the Moodle theme should be consistent in color scheme, graphics and logo usage.  These themes should allow for different level of administration and mobile device compatibility.


The site should have a strong emphasis on creating a positive and productive user experience for visitors and staff alike. Key internal staff will have varying degrees of account permissions in each instance (Wordpress and Moodle).  The site's interface should point users to clear next actions such as creating a member profile, posting new content, finding and getting involved in groups/projects, and responding to other users' content.

Interfaces should be well-designed and easy to use, especially for staff or members adding or editing content on the site.  For example, we expect a typical user with minimal training to be able to post a simple piece of content with text, images, and links in ten minutes or less.  Designs should rely primarily on text and CSS rather than images to convey important information.

The site should conform to all applicable W3C standards including Web Content Accessibility Guidelines and any other relevant Technical Specifications for markup.

We would like to reiterate that no single function is as important as the need to keep the site simple and easy to change in the future. All core WordPress and Moodle tools including site-wide searching, blogs, forums, event calendar, announcements (stories), comments, RSS feeds shall be supported.


Content migration and creation shall be the responsibility of SBCISD staff and therefore should not be reflected in your design bid.


The SBCISD web site is rich with years of content generated by an active and engaged community of users ("members").  Our institution has nearly 2,000 employees and 13,000 students. The key challenges today are facilitating smooth updates of content on the site, and making it easier for people to find and use relevant content.  We have envisioned some of the tools and structures below, but hope that the designers who work on the new themes will use their own experience to suggest better alternatives where they may exist.

In addition to the rich content and community on our web site, we hope the new site will also connect to other sites that allow for interaction or integration with their content through social media streams, RSS feeds, widgets, and other mechanisms.


Proposals are due by February 1, 2011. Finalists will be then be interviewed by phone or in person. Work should be completed (as determined by mutually-agreed upon goals and milestones to be set at the beginning of the project) no later than the end of May 2011.

Please submit email proposals in PDF to SBCISD's Technology Director, Dallas Ray Smetter (dsmetter at sbcisd dot net). Responses submitted after this date will not be considered.


Proposals must include:

· company contact information;

· answers to the questionnaire below;

· references and contact information for recent clients with similar projects;

· online portfolio with links to operational samples of previous WordPress and Moodle development work (specifying what part of the project you were responsible for);

· a proposed hourly fee schedule and an estimate of the number of hours required to complete the project OR a per-deliverable fee schedule;

· any other information that illustrates your unique qualifications to work on this project

Vendor interview questionnaire:

o How long have you been using WordPress and Moodle?  How familiar are you with WordPress and Moodle? How much do you know about current WordPress and Moodle versions?

o Describe your experience developing contributed modules or publishing themes for WordPress and Moodle?

o Describe your experience with user experience research, strategy development, and design.

o Describe your experience working with academic institutions.

o Describe your approach to project management. What collaboration tools do you prefer?

o Who are the key individuals who would be working on this project and what are their qualifications?

o Where are you located?  What are your preferred methods for communication with clients during a project?

o Have you read this entire Request for Proposals? Do you have any questions about it? Do you believe that you can complete all of the required deliverables by the required due date?

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