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Job offered: Learner Management Administrator

Type: Full-time
Location: Johannesburg, South Africa

Learner Management System set-up, maintenance and operational aspects Per semester

·         LMS Build Set-up administration

·         LMS Build configuration,

·         LMS scheduling per module,

·         LMS Activity creation, delivery & testing per module

·         Content loading per module, for example:

o   Study Materials

o   Assignments

o   Previous Exams and marking guidelines

o   How to Guides

o   Upload activities and testing

o   General module content

o   Upload Module blurp and Lecturer Photo

o   Create Orientation Video URL and link to landing page per module

·         Create Interactive Study Guide activity blocks per module per study week

·         Create general activities and setting of permissions per module:

o   Announcements

o   Discussion Forum

o   Module specific calendar

·         Create eTutorial Activity blocks per module per eTutorial session

o   Create eTutorial Surveys

o   Link eTutorial Surveys

o   QA check links of each survey for each module

·         Updating of all hyperlinks

·         General Study Skills:

o   Upload material

o   Create and check URL links

·         General Assignment Preparation & Examination Preparation:

o   Upload material

o   Create and check URL links

o   Exam script viewing uploads

o   Upload general forms and policies

·         Performance tracking to assure learning programs are effectively managed and delivered

·         Creates user structures including the creation of user groups and cohorts per module

o   Roles enrolment (for all Academic Associates such as Admin, Staff, Lecturers, Student, Admin, Authenticated users, etc)

·         Design and deliver training interactions for users such as

o   How to Guides,

o   step-by-step guides,

o   Technical instructions

o   How to complete an assignment

·         Assignments per module:

o   Update blurbs

o   Upload questions papers

o   Create LMS presentation mark rubrics

o   Create Turnitin activity for Check my work

o   Create LMS marking guide / rubrics

o   Create eActivities (Assignment 2)

o   Set LMS Activity settings

o   Create eActivity quizzes if incorrectly done

o   Create post assignment announcements and Assignment feedback activity

·         Create and maintain playbooks and other collateral to document and communicate LMS Build processes and best practices

·         Develop LMS QA checklists for:

o   Module uploads QA

o   eActivity completion and grading QA

o   Fixing of any errors based on QA process

·         Create and assign LMS courses and retired courses.

·         Collaborate with CIO on LMS site generation, Plug Ins required, as well as

Collaborate with Content Developers and LMS vendors on updates / upgrades available and test compatibility with Moodle.

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