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Job offered: Educational Technologist

Type: Full-time
Location: Melbourne, Australia

We currently have an opportunity for an experienced and enthusiastic Moodle Administrator to join our Melbourne team.

You will be responsible for the maintenance and management of our LMS as part of the Vocation Online team, playing a pivotal function in the day to day running of the Moodle LMS.  A large part of your role will be assisting and teaching the team about the more technical aspects of the LMS as well as helping with student LMS support, error and issue rectification.

Your background will include significant experience in the eLearning environment and a demonstrated ability to understand the complexities of online Learning Management Systems.  With a keen eye for emerging technologies, a key part of your role will be to proactively research, test and implement educational technologies to contribute to our eLearning strategies and to ultimately improve the learning experience for our growing student cohorts.

You are a self-driven proactive problem solver. Effective Googling of problems and solutions is second nature, and a part of your everyday life. You have a functional knowledge of Moodle, and have more than a few tips and tricks up your sleeve.

You keep updated on new modules and plugins, as well as the development of those modules. You have a fairly good awareness of most of the latest themes (you know what bootstrap is), plugins and formats. You may have played around with customised themes. You know the core Moodle tools and have used them extensively.

Applicant for this position must be competent in handling administrative tasks, including but not limited to:

  • Managing Vocation's user authentication and course enrolment processes
  • Help maintain the LMS's upgrade cycle, including acting on notifications issued by the Moodle lead developer
  • Assisting in the organizations LMS development process by helping vet and develop non-core features for the LMS and contributing to internal documentation, forums, and other training material as required
  • Adding and modifying content to the LMS as required and training users as necessary
  • Assisting instructional designers, teacher and trainers in using native features of the LMS for adding learning content to a course, and managing learners
    • Assisting end users with LMS functional questions
    • Ensure that completions/grades generated by the LMS are functioning as required and maintain those as necessary
    • Answer or delegate end user questions specific to course content
    • Improve look and feel of site
    • Monitoring of Student Engagement via Exception Reporting.
    • Run reports to show activity of the site
    • provide support to users and administer the Moodle course management system. 
    • Respond to student and faculty phone calls and emails regarding Moodle maintenance issues related to login and password retrieval, archiving course designs, and other duties assigned. 
    • Perform the installation of all Moodle system updates, upgrades, building blocks, creation of student accounts, course enrolling, and other software integrated with Moodle
    • Test, trial, implement and maintain plugins, enabling robust functions on Moodle platform
    • Research, implement and test technologies that contribute to student support, eg learning analytics
    • Customise Moodle theme and Moodle navigation, as well as user interface

    The successful applicant will have:

    ·Extensive demonstrated IT/LMS experience, including at least basic understanding of PHP,  MYSQL databases and web server operation, websites (HTML5 especially).

    ·Familiarity with administering all operational functions of the Moodle LMS, including initial system set up and system upgrades, adding 3rd party vetted contributions, user authentication issues, adding course shells and working with instructional designers, teachers or trainers.

    ·Proficiency with Microsoft Office.

    ·An understanding of file storage systems.

    ·Background in teaching or training is required

    ·Excellent communication skills with a demonstrated ability to work within a team effectively.

    ·Ability to take on multiple projects and deliver to expected deadlines.

    ·Strong attention to detail.

    ·3 - 5 years of experience in administration of Moodle and technical support (or other learning management systems).

    ·Knowledge of HTML, Flash, Adobe Captivate, Media (MP3, MP4, Video) and other file types/programs used for eLearning.

    ·Experience troubleshooting user problems

    ·Excellent communication and problem-solving skills.

  • ·Utilise web coding skills (HTML, JavaScript, CSS) to make changes to the Moodle interface design

    ·Research, trial and implement learning technologies external to Moodle, for eg implementation of webinars

    ·Set up of resources in Moodle - resources, quizzes and assignments

    ·Staff training on Moodle functions and educational technologies

Entry added by Carianna Briggs - Friday, February 27, 2015, 6:34 AM
Last updated - Friday, February 27, 2015, 6:34 AM
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