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Publish Date Direct link to publication Type Author
29. mart 2015. Technology keeps UVA-Wise students learning even during terrible weather Web article (html) Stephen Igo Summary
13. mart 2015. Digital Learning Success Is About More Than the Technology Magazine (html) Matt Renwick Summary
10. mart 2015. List Of Open Source E-Learning Solutions Web article (html) anismaj Summary
21. februar 2015. Reflections & Takeaways: Using Moodle as a hub during a school closing Blog entry (html) Eric Spreng Summary
2. februar 2015. Open Source at the Front of the Class Web article (html) Jack M. Germain Summary
29. januar 2015. Q and A With Martin Dougiamas, Founder and CEO of Moodle Web article (html) EdTech Times Summary
22. januar 2015. Moodle Partnership Extends Elearning Services In The Middle East Web article (html) Moodle Summary
21. januar 2015. Office 365 Come to Classrooms – Integrates with Moodle Web article (html) TWNC Tech News Summary
21. januar 2015. Running a Book Club using Moodle & Goodreads Blog entry (html) Dorian Love Summary
19. januar 2015. Moodle將永遠是開放原始碼軟體 Web article (html) Samantha Gartner Summary