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Type: Newspaper article
Author: Jeffrey S. Solochek, Tampa Bay Times
Language: English
Published: January 10, 2009

Excerpt from article:

Teachers are tapping into the world of social networking for educational purposes through an online system called Moodle. Initially designed to allow universities and colleges to create virtual courses, Moodle has spread to the K-12 schools eager to let their students share files, notes, wikis, podcasts and more in a single Web-based environment.

Several things make it appealing to educators.

Unlike an open site such as MySpace, Moodle is password protected and teacher monitored, making it safer for students to share their views. It allows teachers to give more personal and specific feedback to individual students, and both teachers and students can read and respond from anywhere they have Internet access. It gives an outlet to students who prefer to write than to speak in class.

It's also free...

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