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Type: Report
Author: Office for Standards in Education, Children's Services and Skills (Ofsted)
Language: English
Published: January 12, 2009

This report evaluates the development of virtual learning environments (VLEs) within a selection of education providers. It explains that VLEs are computer-based learning environments that allow remote access to materials and investigates: the way in which education providers, learners and staff use VLEs; how VLEs are sometimes made available to other users such as parents; VLE content and the development of materials; and leadership and quality assurance.

It examines two case studies and finds that colleges are making the most use of VLEs and primary schools the least, as well as suggestiong that the best VLEs enhance learning by giving learners the chance to reinforce aspects of their work as well as the opportunity to catch up on missed materials.

14 of the 18 colleges surveyed were using Moodle.

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