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Type: Web article
Author: Tao B Wang, Intel
Language: English
Published: April 25, 2009

"In the current unprecedented global economic downturn, a community associated with a learning management system ( LMS) called Moodle for global educators is growing at an exponential rate, and becoming extremely popular more so in this economy because it is open source with high performance/cost ratio. The growth of the number of moodle sites has been following the Moore’s law since 2003, and the total known moodle sites (most of them are created by academic or corporate educators) have reached 60000 in March 2009 ( So far, after a few weeks of climbing up my learning curve on how to get it to work, I have enjoyed Moodle’s overall functionality and robustness performance. I’ve installed it a few times on both Windows and Linux platforms, and integrated it with Apache, and MySQL database after a few days’ cram sessions on PHP Programming and worked with administration functions as well as adding modules to make it meet the need of our organization. Its a very powerful and robustness platform that I haven’t seen for years with very few hassle along the way."

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