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Type: Web article
Author: Ben Kepes, Contributor
Language: English
Published: April 18, 2014

My eldest son starting high school this year has given me a fascinating inside view on technology as it applies to education. I’m of the perfect age to have started my high school education sans computers, but to have ended it with at least the start of technology becoming more commonplace. Both states are a huge contrast to today where technology is an integral part of the way education works. 

My perception is that over the past decade, technology adoption in the classroom has been a case of the “shiny new thing” where teachers and schools have looked at technology as an end state, rather than a tool to use in the broader educational arsenal. Teachers looks at technology as a subject area, rather than as a tool applicable to all subject areas. It seems to me that this situation is changing as a generation of teachers who are digital natives, and who adopt technology as a part of their day to day workflow, rather than an adjunct, come into schools. This was highlighted to me as I read a post from the ICT director at my son’s school, Sam McNeill. In the post McNeill reflects on the school’s adoption of Moodle as the schools Learning Management System (LMS) of choice.

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