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Type: Web article
Author: Gleen Maxwell,
Language: English
Published: April 27, 2014

Technology has touched many aspects of our lives, education being one pronounced one. The current buzzword of e-learning and distance education are the derivatives of modern technology, and has become prevalent in our current societies.

Teachers of high schools and colleges are asked to develop their course contents for both the classroom students and the ones who will be studying online. A number of researches in this regard have highlighted the drawback of online learning, particularly of asynchronous learning programs. Though, students have the ease of time flexibility and they can login to their system anytime to access the course material, the efficiency of direct interaction is compromised. Online video conferencing and chat rooms have been developed in this respect to imitate real classroom environment in the online one. These strategies have proved beneficial, but they also have several unavoidable limitations and drawbacks that dilute the learning experience of the online learners, the issues with internet connectivity and voice quality for example.

Moodle open-source learning platform, launched in 2002, has proven to be the most effective and interactive online learning platform to date. Not only it is easier to use for both teachers and students, the endless features and applications give the opportunity to teachers to enhance the learning experience of the students.

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