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Publish Date Direct link to publication Type Author
March 28, 2003 The Linux Alternative Web article () Gonsalves, Antone Summary
February 28, 2003 Random Hacks of Kindness Newsletter Journal article (html) Summary
January 28, 2003 An introduction to Moodle Web article (html) Summary
November 28, 2002 Using Your Moodle: ScotFEICT site of the Month Web article () Summary
October 28, 2002 Creating Online Support for all subjects Web article () Summary
October 28, 2002 Moodle - Plate-forme de e-formation complète, multilingue et gratuite Web article () Summary
July 28, 2002 Moodle 1.0: software abierto para realización de cursos por Internet Web article (html) Summary
March 28, 2002 Interpretive analysis of an internet-based course constructed using a new courseware tool called Moodle Thesis (html) Martin Dougiamas and Peter Taylor Summary
March 28, 2000 Improving the effectiveness of tools for Internet based education Report (html) Martin Dougiamas Summary
March 28, 2000 Teaching Learning Technologies to K-12 Teachers in Outback Australia Report (html) Stephen Kessel Summary