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Publish Date Direct link to publication Type Author
April 28, 2003 Open Source Courseware -- Evaluation and Rating Web article () Summary
April 28, 2003 Moodle - Education online Web article () Summary
March 28, 2003 Engaging middle years students using online e-learning Report (html) Alan Chambers Summary
March 28, 2003 Learning Management Systems for the Rest of Us: An Evaluation of Open Source LMSs Report (html) Corporate University Enterprise Summary
March 28, 2003 Moodle: Using Learning Communities to Create Essay (html) Martin Dougiamas and Peter Taylor Summary
March 28, 2003 Using Methods and Tools of Online Education in Organizational Development Report (pdf) Stephen List Summary
March 28, 2003 Open source software and Australian school education Report (pdf) Kathyrn Moyle Summary
March 28, 2003 Moodle Open Source CMS: An Alternative to Blackboard Report (pdf) Michelle Moore Summary
March 28, 2003 Moodle versus Blackboard - An Experiment on Saving Instructor Time by Integrating Peer Assessment into Web-based Learner Support Tools Thesis (pdf) Pei-Jung Lin Summary
March 28, 2003 Open Source Software: Two Learning Management Systems Report (html) Jim Depow Summary