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Publish Date Direct link to publication Type Author
September 18, 2012 Case Studies: Using Moodle for Collaborative Learning with University and Senior Secondary Students Presentation (html) Mark Paynter and Neville Bruce Summary
September 11, 2012 Students, faculty adjust to Moodle’s new features Newspaper article (html) Ben Donahue, The Pendulum Summary
September 9, 2012 UCISA Technology enhanced learning survey Report (pdf) Jebar Ahmed, Julie Voce and Richard Walker Summary
August 10, 2012 La ricerca scientifica attraverso l'uso del web: L'esperienza del Registro Nazionale Gemelli Report (pdf) Luana Penna, Rodolfo Cotichini, Daniele Cordella, Sonia Brescianini e Paolo Roazzi Summary
July 26, 2012 Propuesta de integración de plataformas LMS y mundos virtuales 3D utilizando una arquitectura orientada a servicios Report (pdf) David Herney Bernal García Summary
July 2, 2012 Six Australian unis contribute to Moodle development Web article (html) Beverley Head Summary
June 26, 2012 Pearson Announces Deeper Integration Between EQUELLA 5.2 Digital Repository and Moodle Learning Management System Web article (html) PRWEB Summary
June 22, 2012 Computer Aid International runs its first e-learning course for Ethiopian lecturers Web article (html) BCS News Summary
May 27, 2012 D.215 teachers say Moodle will give them an edge Web article (html) David P. Funk, The Times of Northwest Indiana Summary
May 14, 2012 Good practice resource - Making the most of information and communication technology: South Devon College Report (pdf) OFSTED Summary