Type: Audio/Video
Author: Tony Wan
Language: English
Published: May 2, 2017

Before the “LMS” became an acronym and a hotly contested market of its own, Martin Dougiamas was writing code to share his “object oriented dynamic learning environment” across the web. That project would go on to become Moodle, one of the most widely used learning management system across the world today.

Just don’t let Dougiamas catch you calling his pet project of the past two decades an LMS. Those three letters make him wince—just a bit. “I prefer to say learning platform,” he says in this week’s EdSurge On Air interview. “Sometimes we call it an LMS maker,” he adds. Moodle’s “flexible modularity” allows anyone to “build the perfect LMS.”

From his home office down under in Perth, Australia, Dougiamas recalls the journey he’s been on, and how his core team of 50 have managed to keep an open-source project sustainable.

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Last updated - 3 May 2017