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Filter: FreeMind filter

Mind map - an outline of "my novel"
Type: Filter
Requires: Any version of Moodle
Status: Third-Party
Maintainer(s): John Isner

This filter allows Moodle to display "mind maps" (a kind of graphic organizer) created by the open source program FreeMind. After creating the mind map on your Windows, Linux, or Mac desktop, save it to your hard drive. Then upload the file to your course. To display the mind map anywhere in your course (e.g., in a Lesson or a Web page resource), just link to the file at the point where you want the mind map to appear. The filter searches for links to files with the .mm suffix and replaces them by an applet that displays the mind map and allows users to interact with it. For example, users can collapse and expand nodes (but they cannot change the map's structure).

The file you download from the link below (freemind-filter.zip) is only the filter. The applet must be downloaded from sourceforge and installed separately. Read the complete installation instructions in the documentation (click the link below).

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