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Activity Module: Webquest

Webquest Screenshoot
Type: Activity Module
Requires: Moodle 1.6 or later
Status: Contributed
Maintainer(s): Dariem Garcés / Eloy Lafuente

Webquest Module for Moodle This module allows you to create Webquest activities. Webquest module don't use groups concept but it have a Team concept when the teacher can create teams and add members from course students.So the evaluation could be by teams or individual. This initial version of webquest only has been fully tested under Moodle 1.6 (although should work under newer releases). The module is evolving continuously to use new features available under Moodle 1.7 and upwards (roles, formslib, gradebook...). Thanks a lot to everyone who helped me, Dariem smile

Record added by Dariem Garcés Urquiza - Saturday, 3 February 2007, 1:23 PM
Last modified - Thursday, 8 October 2009, 6:32 AM