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Block: Banckle Live Chat

Type: Block
Requires: Moodle 2.0 or later
Status: Contributed
Maintainer(s): Imran Anwar

Through Banckle Live Chat Plugin, you can add a social touch to your virtual learning environment (VLE) by enabling your Moodle administrators, educators and learners to communicate in real-time while they are browsing your Moodle elearning management system.

Being Collaborative and Social

Along with providing live assistance to your website visitors you can also stay updated about visitor tracking and activity. You can view the technical and demographical information of your visitors. Guide them about the course structure, grading system and how it works. You can also motivate them for taking particular courses.

Being Free

User-experience and usability is the focal point for configuring, integrating and using Banckle Live Chat Plugin for Moodle. It is easy to configure, quick to integrate and fun to use. Plus you cannot get another plugin at a better price, because its FREE!

Being Administrative and Customizable

Banckle Live Chat Plugin for Moodle is all about giving more control to its user. No matter the visitor or administrator. But as an administrator you can use Banckle Admin Console to fine-tune the bits and pieces. Gives yourself room to be more creative and innovative with how you provide live chat support experience to your visitors.

  • Departments: define new departments and assign users to each department.
  • Canned Message: define automated chat messages for instant and typo-free communication with your visitors.
  • Survey: define surveys to present to your visitors after chat session. Get to know about their feedback to shape your website content.
  • Deployment Widget: all sorts of customization bundled into one. The widget enables you tweak the live chat icon appearance, define customized greeting messages, set automated pro-active chat invitation, enable live Google Translate for your chat sessions and much more.
  • Filter Rules: perfect to be used in an academic environment. Define filter rules that will automatically replace any profane words used in chat in real time.
  • Notifications: customize the sound alerts and visual notifications.
  • Blocked IPs: view and manage the IPs that you or other operators have banned to access your website.
  • Archived Messages: the visitors can send you offline messages while you are not online. You can view and manage the replies to these offline messages and can also check the ignored offline messages by your operators.

Being Informative

Banckle Live Chat Plugin for Moodle provides you wealth of data about your visitors. Where they are from? How many times they have visited your website? Which pages on your website are getting more hits? The more you will be in touch with your educators and learners the more you will get to know about what they are expecting from your virtual learning environment. Along with that, knowing your visitors is like knowing the chances of your business to succeed. So Banckle Live Chat Plugin for Moodle provides you with a wide array of visitor statistics and reports in the form of intuitive charts.

Being Alternative

Banckle Live Chat, as an application is a very affordable alternative to the LivePerson, Zopim and OLark. Its salient features make it an ideal substitute and suitable replacement for all popular Live Chat and Live Support applications.

Being Integrative?

This is just the tip of the ice-berg. Banckle is determined to reach out to every platform and application that means something to its users. Under the umbrella of Marketplace at Banckle, you can get tools for all sorts of CMS and other platforms like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and Shopify. If your platform is not listed, please feel free to share with us and we will get a widget/plugin ready for you to integrate Banckle Live Chat.

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