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Course Format: Easy File Uploads - An adapted version of the Project Course Format

Easy File Uploads
Type: Course Format
Requires: Moodle 1.9 or later

I wanted to give our users an easier way of adding files to Moodle. As we felt the standard way of doing this in Moodle is confusing for users especially those with low IT skills.

This is an adapted version of the project format. Here are the changes I have made:

1. Simplified the functionality. Only the "add files and create links button" remains
2. Added a couple of line breaks so the edit directory name link is not confused with the edit summary button
3. Changed the way that a course looks in "show only one topic" view so that it matches the topic format.

We've had some really good feedback about this new method of adding files which is down to the excellent Project Course Format. I hope you find the stripped down version of this format as useful as our teachers have.

Important Notes:

When we trialled the Project Course Format we noticed a couple of points to be careful, especially when changing say from the topics format to the project format.

Directories : after changing to the project format, your links to files in each section will be moved into folders based on the number of the topic. This is a great bit of file management. HOWEVER: the project format will attempt to move any directories. It will update the links to new location (within the section folder) but will not actually move the folder. Which means you'll have to manually move the folder to the new location.

This is probably because you could have multiple links to the same folder on a course and it can't move it all the new locations. Its easy to fix, but caused us a lot of manual work when we changed most of our Moodle courses to the project format. Test it on a few courses with directories before you do do anything on mass would be my advice.


1. Unzip this package
2. Place the "project" folder into the course/format/ folder of your Moodle 1.9 program files
3. Place the "lang" folder and help files into the appropriate language folders of your moodledata directory
4. Go into a course where you have teacher or admin status. Click on "Course settings".
5. Change the course format to "project".
6. Turn "editing on" and you will see new icons appear.

Tested and working ok on Moodle versions: 1.9.4 & 1.9.5

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