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Small Hack: Message System Restrictions Settings

Enhanced Message Interface
Type: Small Hack
Requires: Moodle 1.5 or later
Status: Third-Party

The enhanced messaging hack has been designed and built with the contributions
of the following people:
- Darrin Smith - Egglescliffe School
> orginal requirement and funding.
- Open Knowledge Technologies (http://www.oktech.ca/)
> original technical design and development.


This code hack applies to Moodle version 1.5.3+.

To install and use, unzip this file into your Moodle root directory making sure
that you 'use folder names'. This will add a new block directory (admin_enhmess)
to your '/blocks' directory and will replace and add some files to the
'/message' and language directories. Once unzipped, visit your admin screen and
configure the new block the way you want.


The admin_enhmess block duplicates the functions of the standard 'admin' block
(and can replace it if you want), and adds the messaging system enhancements
function to the block. This function allows you to move users to a white list
(can always send messages), a grey list (can only send messages in a defined
time span) and a black list (can never send messages).

This is a hack, and replaces code in core files. You may wish to examine what
is changed and apply them to your own system instead.

This code is unsupported. Use at own risk.


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