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Activity Module: Structured Forum

Type: Activity Module
Requires: Moodle 1.5
Status: Third-Party
Maintainer(s): asiercu

StructuredForum is an activity module for Moodle Collaborative Learning Environment. Is based on three types of generic contributions, namely specification, elaboration and consensus.
Specification occurs during the initial stage of the process carried out by the tutor or group coordinator who contributes by defining the group activity and its objectives (i.e. statement of the problem) and the way to structure it in sub-activities. Elaboration refers to the contributions of participants (mostly students) in which a proposal, idea or plan to reach a solution is presented. The other participants can elaborate on this proposal through different types of participation such as questions, comments, explanations and agree/disagree statements. Finally, when a correct proposal of solution is achieved, the consensus contributions take part in its approval (this includes different consensus models such as voting); when a solution is accepted the discussion terminates. Requirements: Web server software, PHP scripting language, MySQl database and stable Moodle environment.

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