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Course Format: Study calendar course format

Example calendar
Type: Course Format
Requires: Moodle 1.9 or later
Status: Contributed
Maintainer(s): The Open University

An enhanced version of the weekly course format. Key features:
  • You can combine, rename, and generally configure weeks. (E.g. group together 2 weeks, call it 'Easter break'; or group together 6 weeks, call it 'Block 2'.)
  • Integrates Moodle calendar events into the main display.
  • Students can use checkboxes to mark their progress by ticking activities and events.
Should install on standard Moodle 1.9 regardless of database version etc., although this has not been tested. (Definitely works in Postgres.) Requires PHP 5. Apart from that this is a standard course format plugin and does not require any patches.

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