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Other: Moodle Backup Script

Type: Other
Requires: Any version of Moodle
Status: Third-Party
Maintainer(s): Howard Miller

This is a script written in PHP (Version 5.2 or newer) that backs up your moodle database and data files area to a designated directory. The data files are zipped and the files are stored in daily/weekly/monthly folders and are rolled over automatically.

The cool bit is the only configuration that is needed is to point it at a list of one or more Moodle config.php files. It reads the files and works out the rest for itself.

The script is a php command line script and should be run from cron every day. It won't work via a web server. Configuration instructions are provided at the top of the script. Also see the discussion for more details of permissions and setting up the cron scripts.

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