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Screenshot: lerner-adaptive course format in presentation mode
Type: Course Format
Requires: Moodle 1.9
Maintainer(s): Gert Sauerstein

The intelligent Learning-Management-System (iLMS) is a prototype of an navigation-based lerner-adaptive e-learning-system created in my diplom thesis (topic in German: KI-Ansätze zur Lerner-Adaption in Lern-Management-Systemen) at Technische Universität Ilmenau (Ilmenau, Germany). It is realized as an additional course format and some modular blocks for Moodle 1.9 and based on the ideas of Adaptive Hypermedia written by Peter Brusilovsky.

The prototype software iLMS plugins uses a case-based reasoner to calculate the necessary adaptations which are displayed by adaptive annotation symbols right in the adaptive course format in presentation mode. Different parameters can be configured and the case repository can be viewed. Cases are learned automatically by the system during the learning process of each student, regarding the effectivity of the student contained with the Moodle gradebook information.

In editing mode the system displays several input forms where the attribute metadata of each activity in the course could be edited. The additional user preference and motivation blocks offered by iLMS can be used to enter the individual preferences of each student, or they can be tracked via a simple question-response-form during the learning process.

I release this software prototyp for future development in adaptive e-learning studies because case-base reasoning might by an alternate way to ITS for realizing learner-adaptivity. Please enjoy to download, install, test and comment my prototype. Regard it is intended for testing and evaluation of learner-adaptive systems, not for productive use!

More technical details can be found at my website and in my diplom thesis (in German only!).

Gert Sauerstein

EDIT (2010-12-14): My web page is not online any longer, and the moodle module also. I currently look for a replacement server to host the source packages. Please be patient, or write me a message if you are interested in the code. Gert

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