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Course Format: Shared activities system

Shared activities system
Type: Course Format
Requires: Moodle 1.9 or later
Status: Contributed
Maintainer(s): The Open University

The shared activities system adds the facility for any Moodle user (e.g. students) to create their own shared activities which they can invite a list of other people to join. When they invite people, those people receive an email with a link to the activity.

For example this system could be useful if users meet on a course and want to arrange social events between themselves, or to stay in touch after the course ends.

Supported activities

  • Forums
  • OU wikis [if installed]
You don't need to install OU wiki for the system to work; if you don't, then only forums will be available.


  • Must use PHP 5
  • Tested on PostgreSQL 8 and MySQL 5. Should work on other Moodle-supported databases.


See README.txt, included in the distribution, for full information. Please do read this, it's important.
  • You can install it for testing without making any changes to Moodle - just copy it in to the normal course format area, and try it out.
  • If you decide to use it for real, there are five changes to other parts of Moodle which you should make - these are given in the README. These changes tidy up rough edges and avoid performance problems that would otherwise occur.

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