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Block: SITS Integration Block

Type: Block
Requires: Moodle 1.9
Maintainer(s): Alex Lydiate ( a.lydiate@bath.ac.uk)

Any SITS cohort can be mapped to any Moodle course

Through the user interface, administrators and teachers can map any valid SITS cohort to their course, and so enrol the student in that cohort. There are three types of mappings:

  • Automatic, where the cohort is unenrolled as per the period code in SITS,
  • Specified, where the admin can specify a particular date when they would like the cohort to be unenrolled, or
  • Manual, where the cohort remains enrolled until the mapping is removed.

Within the interface the teacher or admin can also sync the course on an immediate, individual basis, and they can also view a customised Participants list, detailing the manner in which each participant is enrolled, which mapping has enrolled them and if and when they are due to be automatically unenrolled.

These user-defined mappings can be automatically synced along with default mappings (see the next section); alternatively, individual courses can be synced on an ad-hoc basis through the user interface.

Automated integration of Moodle with the SITS Student Information System

For each active cohort in SITS the module will identify the correlating course within Moodle by matching the unique SITS code with the idnumber field of the course record; if one cannot be found, it will create a course with this correlating idnumber.

It will then create a mapping of the SITS cohort to this Moodle course, referred to it as a default mapping. One Moodle course may have any number of default mappings.

After this process is complete, it processes all mappings course by course. For each mapping to a Moodle course it makes a trip to SITS to identify each individual member of the cohort, identifies that user by matching their SITS username to their Moodle username and enrols that Moodle user onto the Moodle course.

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