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Enrolment Method: Mass course & groups enrol by teachers

Type: Enrolment Method
Requires: Moodle 1.9
Status: Contributed
Maintainer(s): Patrick POLLET

One awkward thing about Moodle 1.9 is that teachers are allowed to manually enroll known Moodle accounts to a course as teachers, non editing teachers, students... , but not using a 'flat file' produced by some CSV export.

They have to send a file to an admin user who will inject it into Moodle using the standard 'flatfile enrollment' method with the following limitations :

  1. teachers must provide account's and course idnumbers and admin user must reformat the file by adding the required extra columns 'add' and 'target role', before copying the file to the appropriate location in moodledata directory.
  2. the report information is sent to admin, not to the course's teacher; so admin has to forward it to the teacher after the cron job has completed.
  3. there is no way in flatfile enrollment method to specify in which groups these accounts should be added, so teacher has to go manually again across the list to assign accounts to groups.

This little extension, that adds itself to course administration menu will hopefully help teachers to do it themselves.

After installing it (see INSTALL.txt file) a new item 'Bulk enrolments' will appear in the course administration menu for teachers (see screenshot).

It requires a CSV file, prepared by the teacher, with an unique Moodle id in the first column (idnumber, username or email) and optionally a group name in the second column ; any standard separator (comma, semi-column or tab will do).

Options are provided to force group (and grouping) autocreation if they do not yet exist in the target course.

Every line of the file may contain a different group name or even no group for some accounts


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