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Major Patch: Quiz OMR

Type: Major Patch
Requires: Moodle 1.9 or later
Status: Contributed
Maintainer(s): Educational Technology Unit, CDAC Mumbai [http://www.cdacmumbai.in]


  • Quiz OMR (Optical Mark Reader) is an extension to Moodle's "Quiz" module. Quiz OMR provides online support for managing and evaluating objective-type assessments which are conducted offline using OMR sheets.
  • Target Users : All the institutions where objective type exams are conducted offline using OMR sheets are the target users. For example
    • Educational Institutions : For competitive and entrance examinations etc.
    • Corporate Institutions : For recruitment tests and certification examinations etc.


  • Variant Generation (automatic and manual) from master question paper
  • Printable version of Variants available
  • Offline Quiz attempt Data Analysis (i.e. attempt data obtained after scanning OMR sheets): to detect errors in the offline attempt data obtained by scanning OMR sheets.
  • Automatic Evaluation of offline Quiz attempt data (i.e. attempt data obtained after scanning OMR sheets)
  • Online View Of Offline Attempts

Integration with following features of Moodle

  • Question Bank
  • Question Paper Analysis
  • Student Performance Analysis
  • Grade Book Management


  • For Moodle 1.9.7+ : Apply the patch to your Moodle installation.
  • For Moodle version less than 1.9.7+ :
    • Apply the patch to your Moodle installation
    • Edit "version.php" in "moodle/mod/quiz" by increasing the value of "$module->version" by one.
    • Click on "Notifications" in "Site Administration Block" .

User and Teacher Manual

You can refer to User and Teacher Manuals for detailed understanding of the features of OMR Quiz.

Testing with Dummy Data

Once you are done with the installation, test with dummy data. Follow the instructions in the README file.


Extending Moodle to Support Offline Assessments

Archana Rane, Akshay Kumar, Harmeet Saini, and M Sasikumar.
page no 31-39, Proceedings of ELELTECH India November 2009, Hyderabad, India

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